30 de novembre de 2012



Dissabte 1 de desembre
A les 11,30 h
La Christine ens explicarà la història d’un vell i arrugat globus de color blau que, de sobte, es torna indestructible i amb poders estranys i meravellosos.

Kipper finds the balloon in the garden. It’s big. It’s blue. It’s shiny and squeaky. It gets bigger and bigger, and it won’t burst, whatever Kipper and his friend do! But when they hold on to the string, the balloon sails away and takes them high into the blue sky. There are twinkly stars to sail over and aliens to play with. But never fear – the blue balloon brings them home in time for a tasty tea of sausages, chips and beans! So if you ever find a blue balloon, hang onto it. Who knows!
It might be magic!